How To Skyrocket Your Sales With Resale Rights Products

Ever considered selling products that come with Resale Rights? If you haven’t, then I strongly recommend you start now. The information contained within this article will unleash the power that is contained in resale rights products.

Since starting out as an internet entrepreneur in 2005 I have gone on to sell over 2 Million pounds worth of information products. I have done this by creating my own products, something which at times, has been quite difficult. However, once I discovered the knack to selling information products online, the rest followed and the money flooded in. When selling products that come with Resale Rights, the following 2 powerful tips will help you get the most out of them. Follow these tips and success will follow.

Tip number 1 – Always go for a ‘niche’ product and avoid the masses!

There is a natural temptation when starting out selling Resale Rights product to buy the cheapest product. I have learnt that the most effective way to generate sales through selling Resale Rights products is to buy niche market products. So, what do I mean when I say ‘niche’?

Niche products are essentially products where the market is not saturated but there is plenty of custom. In the early days of internet selling, niche products were a plenty. As time has gone on, however, the number of niche market product opportunities has declined. Having said that, there are still thousands of opportunities out there in relation to niche products. For example, recently I created a resale products DVD set that taught people how to publish a book. The traffic for this information is huge, yet there was nobody selling a high quality, highly informative DVD set that took people through the process of creating a book, publishing a book and then selling it through channels such as Amazon and their own website. I took the opportunity to make a DVD product that covered this market – this is a good example of a ‘niche’ market product.

So, when opting for products with resale rights, go for high quality, niche products and avoid those ebooks that are for sale on EVERY reselling website out there.

Tip number 2 – Consider buying products with Private Label Rights and then re-brand them.

Having a number of high quality Private Label Rights products in your armoury will give you a big advantage over the majority of internet resellers. The reason for this is that the vast majority of PLR products will allow you to ‘re-brand’ the product. What this means is that you have the right to alter the product artwork and also the packaging. Why do I advise you do this? Simply because you make your PLR product ‘niche’ by re-branding it. Also, consider changing the title of the product. Only a small tweak might need to be made, but this can have a huge effect on sales.

Allow me to explain:

Let’s assume that you have purchased the PLR rights to my ‘Publishing a Book System’ that I mentioned earlier. There are many ways in which you could re-brand and re-title this product. Here’s a short list of different titles for the same product:

- How to publish any book the SUPER EASY WAY
- 7 Key strategies for publishing and selling a book!
- Publishing for Beginners
- The FastTrack Publishing System

All of the above sample titles are still describing the same product, yet they all have their own benefits. You can probably now start to appreciate the strength of owning the rights to a PLR product. You may decide to re-brand the product, and also change the title, time and time again.

If you take the time to follow these two important tips then you will be unleashing the power that comes with Resale Rights products!

Presentation and Your Company Car

Why is it that business people often spend so much money on image only to lose all that wonderful first impression on the fact their car looks terrible? Boy it sure seems like a lot of wasted effort to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a professional website, colorful brochures, hairstyles, attire and a gold Rolex only to ruin it all by driving up in a dirty car. In fact if this scenario were not so common, I seriously doubt I would bother to mention it at all. But it is a fact and indeed I have seen it. How so you ask?

Well, for 27 years I ran a company that franchised mobile car wash units and auto detailing rigs and marketed so many cities. We would constantly see this from our business customers. Their cars looked like crap, of course we saw the people who noticed this problem and did something about it, namely paid us to clean up their messy cars.

Yet by the same token as a Franchisor Founder, we noticed sales people, potential vendors and even business partners attempt to do business with us and they parked their dirty cars in our parking lot. Silly really, as they were selling to a company specializing in cleaning cars.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that your car and its cleanliness will be judged and your automobile is very much a part of your business presentation.

When Negotiating, You Are Your Mind

With stock markets plummeting around the world, people losing their jobs by the hundreds of thousands, and governments stepping in and buying ownership stakes or taking over banks, times may appear to be bleak. Some would say, times are very bleak, but for the savvy negotiator, times are good, because the savvy negotiator mentally addresses negotiation opportunities from that perspective.

Some people around the world think a global recession is just around the corner. When you negotiate, how does such a thought make you feel? If you’re one of those individuals that hold such an opinion, go to that proverbial corner and look. What you’ll find is mass hysteria to confirm the beliefs you possess. I say that to say, your perception will become your reality.

As of this writing, 89% of Americans feel the U.S. is going in the wrong direction, while 7% feel everything is rosy and the country should continue on the path that it’s on. Once again, it’s the mental aspect you possess that shapes your paradigm. For those of you keeping track of the math, you’ll note the above two figures add up to 96%. The other 4% are clueless as to what’s going on. Again, it’s your mental state of mind that shapes your paradigm. When you negotiate understand what promotes you to do what you do and consider …

1.   Before entering into a negotiation, check your mental state of mind to be sure you’re mentally fit to address the situation you’re about to encounter. If you’re not mentally prepared to negotiate, you’ll do yourself and your negotiation position an injustice by mentally performing the equivalent of sleepwalking through the negotiation.

2.   Before the negotiation starts, psyche yourself up. You know yourself better than anyone. Find your magical mental buttons that need to be pushed and push the heck out of them. Do what it takes to become mentally engaged in order to prepare for the negotiation.

3.   Look for all the positive benefits that can come from the negotiation and use those thoughts as sources of motivation. Realize that negativity can also be a positive occurrence in a negotiation. If you’re fearful of the negativity that can come from the negotiation, sooth yourself by thinking of what you can do to offset such emotions. Then, prepare for anything that you might perceive as negative and determine how you can turn it into a positive aspect for your negotiation position.

4.   In the U.S., when the government infused banks with billions of dollars,  banking officials were told to sign the document accepting the terms of the deal by which the government would inject funds into their institutions, or the government would not be so generous the next time the banks experienced troubles. Translated, if you get into trouble, the next time you’re on your own! When someone gives you an ultimatum at the negotiation table, be mentally prepared to address the situation. If you’re not prepared, be prepared to face the consequences.

In the end, when you negotiate and you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ll take the required actions necessary to acquire what you want. You really have the level of control within you that’s needed to move any negotiation in the direction you wish it to go. The question then becomes, are you going to negotiate for what you want, or allow someone else to give you what they think you need? The choice is yours. If you stay mentally sharp before, during, and after a negotiation, you’ll have the control needed to achieve the outcome you seek. Thus, the sooner you mentally take control of yourself in the negotiation process, the sooner you’ll realize the outcome you seek from any negotiation … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Lessons are …

·        If you need a reason to mentally become the negotiator you’d like to be, give yourself permission to become that person. Cast off that which prevents you from obtaining the mental state of mind that’s needed to acquire what you want from the negotiation.

·        If you have to face-off against a stronger negotiation opponent, don’t take your negotiation face off. Be mentally tough and follow your game plan. If you don’t like the deal being offered, be prepared to walk away.

·        When negotiating, always strive to understand the underlying cause of the other negotiator’s position, from a mental aspect. By doing so, you’ll gain insight into why she maintains her position and you’ll have a perspective from which to offer potential solutions to solve her problem. You’ll see progress as you progress the negotiation in the process.