3 Tips for Increasing Your Negotiating Skills

So how do you increase your skills at negotiation?

1. Research. Knowledge is power. Start with the product if you looking to purchase a product. If you are trying to persuade another, then focus on the other person and their background, situation, culture and paradigms.

One of the basic tenets of negotiation is that the person who knows the most about the deal/product/other side’s interests is more likely to get the most concessions.

Haggling at a garage sale does not give you much time to research, but you would be surprised what you can find out in small talk prior to making an offer on an item.

There are some personalities that need to make a production where they yell and curse about how curse about how unfair a deal is in order to satisfy their ego or show off for their colleagues when they fully intended to accept it all along.

Talking to someone who knows the person you are dealing with and their quirks and antics can be very helpful prior to hashing out a deal with them.

2. Study the body language. I have read books that say that 80% of communication is non-verbal. In the book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell he tells about “micro-expressions” and about a researcher who was able to accurately judge whether a couple would or wouldn’t stay together after only 15 minutes of observing their body language.

If you have never read a book about non-verbal communication, check one out from your library and start to recognize the basics. You will be surprised to find how revealing our body language can be.

3. Start a negotiation journal. Every time you negotiate, write about the experience. You should include the various positions in the negotiation, the body language, and techniques that each side was using.

In your journal, you should also make note of your thoughts, impressions, and the attitudes and/or tones of the conversation. This exercise will help you develop your observation skills.

Negotiators with good observation skills and even a fundamental knowledge of body language will know when to ask for concessions and when the lower limit has been reached.

As you add more and more entries in your journal you will start to tease out patterns from your negotiation. You will start to see how the body language will coincide with the change of their position.

The awkward feeling of asking for concessions will go away and you will begin to ask with more confidence which will yield higher concessions still.

Some people call negotiation a game or a dance. Although it can be and often is, it is also a practice in communication and human behavior. Whether you love to haggle or not, by following these tips you will become a better negotiator.

How To Skyrocket Your Sales With Resale Rights Products

Ever considered selling products that come with Resale Rights? If you haven’t, then I strongly recommend you start now. The information contained within this article will unleash the power that is contained in resale rights products.

Since starting out as an internet entrepreneur in 2005 I have gone on to sell over 2 Million pounds worth of information products. I have done this by creating my own products, something which at times, has been quite difficult. However, once I discovered the knack to selling information products online, the rest followed and the money flooded in. When selling products that come with Resale Rights, the following 2 powerful tips will help you get the most out of them. Follow these tips and success will follow.

Tip number 1 – Always go for a ‘niche’ product and avoid the masses!

There is a natural temptation when starting out selling Resale Rights product to buy the cheapest product. I have learnt that the most effective way to generate sales through selling Resale Rights products is to buy niche market products. So, what do I mean when I say ‘niche’?

Niche products are essentially products where the market is not saturated but there is plenty of custom. In the early days of internet selling, niche products were a plenty. As time has gone on, however, the number of niche market product opportunities has declined. Having said that, there are still thousands of opportunities out there in relation to niche products. For example, recently I created a resale products DVD set that taught people how to publish a book. The traffic for this information is huge, yet there was nobody selling a high quality, highly informative DVD set that took people through the process of creating a book, publishing a book and then selling it through channels such as Amazon and their own website. I took the opportunity to make a DVD product that covered this market – this is a good example of a ‘niche’ market product.

So, when opting for products with resale rights, go for high quality, niche products and avoid those ebooks that are for sale on EVERY reselling website out there.

Tip number 2 – Consider buying products with Private Label Rights and then re-brand them.

Having a number of high quality Private Label Rights products in your armoury will give you a big advantage over the majority of internet resellers. The reason for this is that the vast majority of PLR products will allow you to ‘re-brand’ the product. What this means is that you have the right to alter the product artwork and also the packaging. Why do I advise you do this? Simply because you make your PLR product ‘niche’ by re-branding it. Also, consider changing the title of the product. Only a small tweak might need to be made, but this can have a huge effect on sales.

Allow me to explain:

Let’s assume that you have purchased the PLR rights to my ‘Publishing a Book System’ that I mentioned earlier. There are many ways in which you could re-brand and re-title this product. Here’s a short list of different titles for the same product:

- How to publish any book the SUPER EASY WAY
- 7 Key strategies for publishing and selling a book!
- Publishing for Beginners
- The FastTrack Publishing System

All of the above sample titles are still describing the same product, yet they all have their own benefits. You can probably now start to appreciate the strength of owning the rights to a PLR product. You may decide to re-brand the product, and also change the title, time and time again.

If you take the time to follow these two important tips then you will be unleashing the power that comes with Resale Rights products!

Marketing a New Product

Marketing a new product can be difficult. There are press releases to write, Internet marketing strategies to research, and a host of other things to consider when marketing a new product. Collective buying is a great way to tell people about your product and generate sales. It’s no secret people love a good deal. In fact, people who love to shop sometimes buy things they don’t need, just to take advantage of a good deal.

Offer a Good Deal

Collective buying websites like Living Social and Groupon are becoming an increasingly popular option. These sites give customers special prices for products, services and even travel packages. Members of these sites can opt-in to email alerts or download a mobile application that will notify them of deals they may be interested in based on their preferences.

Marketing a new product using these sites may cost you, but it is also an opportunity to show customers what you’re worth at little risk to them. When your product is featured on a group-buying site, all of the site’s users in your specified area are notified. Customers who may not generally be interested in your product might come across it when checking their email online or scrolling through their smart phone.

Word of Mouth

Group deals have the added benefit of encouraging word of your product on the streets. A college student, for example, is scanning through her phone and sees an advert for your custom-made ties. She decides to try your product out, since Father’s Day is approaching and you’re offering $50 worth of ties for $25. When she receives the product, she is impressed and tells her friends about your website. If two of her friends purchase ties for $50, you’ve made a $75 profit. Your satisfied customer has taken some of the legwork out of your internet marketing campaign.

Deals typically have a timeline, which puts members under pressure to buy. These sites also offer clients the chance to get their deal free of charge, if a certain number of their friends purchase the product during the promotion. Advertisements are equipped with social buttons so individuals can share your deal via text message, social media and email. When marketing a new product, social media is vital. With collective buying, your customers have an incentive to do some of that social media promotion for you.

Product Placement

Product placement is also an important part of marketing a new product. Group selling allows you to customize your offer by market. In markets that tend to spend more, using the above example it might be better to run a Buy 3 Ties, Get Tie Free promotion. This way, customers still get a deal, but you get a higher profit. For example, if ties are $50 each, it only cost you $50 to make $150. This way you can earn more than the previous approach before the customer even shares your deal online.

Marketing a new product using group buying sites is a great option for growing your profits and customer base. Take this approach and save on pulling together a marketing team, writing a press release or manually promoting your product online. Try it out and be amazed by the outcomes.