Living In Present Moment – You May Experience The Presence Of An Angel

Do you believe in Angels? Although statistics very, the Bible mentions angels about 300 times. Many religions believe angels are messengers or protectors. Angels are for everyone; the key to experiencing angels is present moment awareness.

Walking my dog in the park is a bonding and fun time for both of us. But the walks are also learning experiences in awareness for me. It’s the present moment consciousness that helps to keep me grounded.

The following experience happened a few months ago. Harlow (my dog) and I were having a dog training lesson about not chasing birds. And as usual she always found a bird to chase that I really wasn’t aware of or just didn’t see it.

On that quiet sunny day with the ocean breeze blowing just enough to cool the heat of the sunshine, Harlow made a dash toward a beautiful white bird standing directly beside a homeless woman who was sleeping soundly near the river.

I had seen this woman several times riding her bike, but never sleeping. What happened next startled me. That bird didn’t move when Harlow darted toward it. My dog abruptly stopped within two feet of the bird, and neither Harlow nor I dared to move closer. It was apparent the bird was not going to move.

After gaining composure, we continued our walk around the riverbank. Approaching our starting point, I noticed the woman was still sleeping and the beautiful white bird standing exactly in the same spot with its feathers blowing in the wind. Several people had gathered and were watching with intrigued intent.

They were talking among themselves that the bird had protected the woman for over two hours. Someone in the crowd mentioned that perhaps they should call the Park Ranger.

I felt speechless as I listened to the discussion. A few people attempted to approach the woman but the bird wouldn’t allow them near her. It was late so Harlow and I went home, but I couldn’t forget the experience.

Later that week I ran into several of the people who had stayed until the woman awoke. Their story is that the woman slept about another hour before she walked to her bicycle. The bird flew into the sunset only after the woman left the park.

Why was that big beautiful white bird so protective with this homeless woman? Was the woman an angel? Or was the bird an angel? Or were either of them an angel?

Life can only be lived one moment at a time. Living in present moment can broaden our wisdom. We can’t change the past. But we can change our future by making better choices. And to get the wisdom for better choices, we must practice present moment living.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Life can teach wisdom if you allow it. And you may experience the presence of an angel.