Knowing the Past, the Present and the Future

Knowing the Future is an oxymoron.

I cannot know the future; I can only experience the present.

Until the present presents itself, it is unknown.

The future is yet to happen and yet to be created.

It is just a possibility of what may occur based on present thinking.

It is my perspective and my perceptions of my present reality that create my future.

To know my future, I would have to be aware of everything that is occurring in this present moment and every other present moment that has ever occurred in my life so far. This is beyond the capability of the conscious mind.

My future can never be exactly the same as my present reality because change is the nature of reality.

The only thing that I can know with certainty about my future is that something will change, and that makes the future uncertain.

Prophecies and predictions are just an attempt to influence and persuade an uncertain mind of its fate.

It is my destiny to know that I do not know, because in my heart I choose not to know.

Knowing the Past is not an intuitive sense of knowing.

It is knowledge accrued through past experience.

Past knowledge is an experience through which I have passed.

Should I choose to repeat the experience then this knowledge is of use to my Self.

Should I choose not to re-experience my past, I am obliged not to give it another thought.

Past knowledge will often create resistance in the present.

Without past knowledge, I have no option but to follow my instinct and my intuition.

My intuition will instinctively guide me on my path.

My past knowledge will create obstacles, hurdles, crossroads and dilemmas to navigate and to overcome.

My past knowledge is filed under headings of what was good or bad for me and what was right or wrong for me.

My past experiences of a dual reality world will always create at least two choices that make my future unpredictable and dependent on chance or misfortune.

My past is never on the path of my destiny.

To re-experience it is my fate.

Knowing the Present is the key to consciously creating the future.

My future is a recreation of my present thinking.

Whatever I focus on in the present moment becomes my experience in the future.

The focus of gratitude & appreciation in the present allows my gifts to be re-presented in my future.

Being totally present in each moment of reality requires absolutely no reference to my past or my future.

Thoughts of the future are always sponsored by my discontentment with the present.

The more I focus on my fears of the past, the more I project them into my future.

Knowing the present requires an intuitive sense of knowing and the attribute of Presence.

Being my Presence is the essence of knowing the present moment.

Being my Essence allows me to know each moment and be present.

When I feel my own presence, I receive the gift of Life.

This is the present that presents itself in each present moment of my reality.