How to Deliver a Great Presentation Every Time

Making an impact should be your main priority when you deliver a business presentation. Cast your mind back to presentations you have seen. Think about what you remembered about them, why you remembered them, and how you responded as a result. Quite possibly the one element shared was the impact created; a reason to take action to do something?

Would you like to know 4 reasons why I feel that making an impact is important?

1. To set yourself apart from your competition and state your uniqueness.
2. To help your audience recognise why they need your product or service.
3. To introduce an “experience” to your potential customer.
4. To focus attention on the solution your product or service can offer.

Before you deliver or plan a presentation, how do you feel?

• Are you Confident?
• Do you engage your audience?
• Do you achieve your objectives?

Here are some helpful tips to help you create and deliver a great presentation every time:

• Encourage listening. Thinks about why people listen – for self interest, who’s telling it and how it’s told.
• Be warm, friendly and interesting. Tell a story. Encourage audience participation.
• Be organised and confident. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Then have fun delivering it!
• Be creative and inspiring. Innovate to differentiate.
• Consider your objectives. What outcome are you looking for? What does your audience expect?
• Have a Point. Be specific and share the benefits in your message to avoid the “So What” question in the thoughts of your audience.

Most of all enjoy your presenting experience. Know what you want to share and do so in an engaging manner to inspire confidence in you and your business.