A Good Slideshow For a Presentation

In today’s digital world, there is a proliferation of all sorts of businesses. You will find online business, freelancers, corporations, entrepreneurs, small local businesses, affiliate marketers and non-profit organizations. In order to have competitive edge one must adopt the best to increase productivity.

The ways should be beneficial in all respects. This is possible by deploying the best methods to give a professional look to your enterprise. The professionals of the company interact with government, customers, media, and shareholders on daily basis. Many a times a company needs to make presentations.

With highly sophisticated electronic tools one can make effective demonstration.

With the use of slides one can do wonders in his business deals. There are templates, graphics, images, clip arts available. A presenter can customize as per his requirements. The power point also equips a user to use audio and video according to the theme or subject of the topic. Flashes can also be created. This leaves a deep impact on the mind of a viewer. Software is also available that is instrumental in making a slideshow.

A slideshow creator is one such tool. It provides a user with an option of adding flashes to the slide. It has a simple drag and drop functionality with which one can add different features to the pictures. The pictures can be edited. Color effects can also be created. The templates are also available that are professional in appearance. The tool is independent of any applications to support its functionality. It is a self-sustained process which has made it more users friendly. The background sound can also be added based on the theme.

The program provides you an array of font sizes and color to pick from. However, the only thing that you need to take care is that it should have optimum usage. Majority of them take a lot of computer memory space and many times disrupt the functioning of other programs. Good companies provide an easy to use and install software that never disrupts other programs when it is running. One can individualize templates, layout, color, font size, pictures, etc. One must follow the advanced techniques to portray a corporation’s positive image to the world.

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Do Not Permit the Past to Colour and Influence Your Present and Even More Importantly Your Future

What would you do having been so unfairly? How would you react to such harsh treatment and it all so totally illegal? If you were a leader what kind of example would you show to the world?

Paul and Silas move on from that dramatic and traumatic time in Philippi, westward along the Grecian coast, to Thessalonica. They enjoyed no respite. There seldom is in the Kingdom of God.

Paul searched for the synagogue, that place of worship for the Jews and in he went and spoke about Jesus Christ suffering and dying to rescue men from the mess they were in, and rising from the dead.

Paul has had bad experiences at the hands of the Jews, but he realises that this is where God would have him start. Would you keep bothering going back to the same people time and again? This is leadership of calibre and true spirituality.

He does not permit the past to colour and influence the present. Having endured what these leaders had to endure it would be difficult to find anything that would make these men give in and give up. Such people really never contemplate making that type of decision.

After preaching for three weeks some folks can stand no more of this.

Many had come to believe in Jesus. Paul had this deep desire to make profound spiritual investments in the lives of men and women, and these investments have amazing rewards and dividends.

Others were so outraged, and filled with jealousy and envy, that they rounded up a mob to riot and attack the house where Paul and Silas were based.

Religious people whose hearts are closed to Jesus Christ are capable of horrendous behaviour. The false charge against Paul and Silas is astonishing. “These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here. They say there is another king, one called Jesus.”

Speak about distortion, lies and exaggeration! And yet, in what they say there is a degree of truth, but not the whole truth. Check all this out in Acts Chapter seventeen in the New Testament part of the Bible.

Yes, disciples of Jesus can sound like radical revolutionaries. They are forever seeking to change people’s wrong ideas about God, and wrong ideas about themselves.

Paul and Silas are falsely accused of turning the world upside down.

What these leaders were really seeking to do was turn the world the right way up, but unbelievers cannot see that. They never will. If God is calling you to do what you can to turn the world the right way up and ease the plight of people wherever they are living, keep on serving as faithfully as you know how.

We have just been praying for the leadership of Christian pastors and leaders in Uganda and Kenya. Having met some of these fine men they need all the encouragement and support possible as they have a difficult job to perform.

Give leadership wherever leadership is so needed in these present days.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Be Amazed at How Many Billions Are Presently Enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs

If you’re someone that reads a newspaper, listens to the radio, watches T.V. or surfs the internet, then you’ve obviously heard and seen the zillions of advertisements that guarantee quick and almost painless debt relief, and the most widespread magic potion right now is debt settlement

If you were drowning in debt, and got a reply from a debt settlement company that read like this, “We are generally able to settle debts for about 40 cents on the dollar and have our clients debt free in a very short period of time on a low monthly payment plan and we charge the lowest fees in the industry”.

Then you’d most likely feel that your prayers had been answered, and they might have been, because most debt settlement companies do work hard for their fee, and they do help people.

The biggest problem that presently exists is that the continuing financial crisis has spawned a multitude of new companies that just want to rip off people that are already in big trouble, and right now the debt settlement industry is largely unregulated, and only about a dozen states have laws that govern debt settlement.

The next biggest problem is, that most Americans with serious debt trouble have almost no knowledge about the different ways that exist for getting out of debt, and they usually have next to no idea of the differences between, credit counseling, debt consolidation and debt settlement.

All three of the above can work, and a good credit counseling agency will quite often recommend either debt consolidation or debt settlement, but the two things are completely different and what suits one debtor won’t suit another.

What They Are And What They Aren’t

Debt Consolidation
a) Using a single loan such as a home equity loan to pay off multiple debts at full price.

b) The biggest advantage is usually the lower interest rates, but debt consolidation loans are becoming much more difficult to obtain.

c) This option is generally credit score neutral.

Debt Settlement
a) You’ll generally have to owe at least $7,500 and be at least sixty to ninety days in arrears before you can enter into the debt settlement process.

b) During the 60-90 days you will be pestered by debt collectors.

c) Not all companies will agree to debt settlement although most will, and they all prefer it to bankruptcy.

d) You will have smaller monthly payments.

e) You will damage your credit rating, but how much will depend on your previous rating.

Credit Counseling
a) Involves paying a small fee, which is usually under $100 to a service that offers budgeting advice and will often negotiate lower fees and interest rates with debtors for an additional monthly fee.

b) Debtors pay the counseling service, which in turn pays the lenders.

a) A federal judge will consider your debts and assets, and decide which debts get paid and which get erased.

b) Bankruptcy is more and more frequently the only alternative for many people, but it has the longest negative impact on credit ratings, and it is quickly becoming far more complicated to do than it once was.

How Many Companies And How Much Money?
According to the debt settlement’s lobbying group, The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), there are perhaps 1,000 firms that presently offer debt settlement services, and an amazing $20 billion in consumer debt is currently enrolled in debt settlement programs.

What Can Be Done And What Can’t
Andrew Housser, who sits on the board of The Association of Settlement Companies, said that settlement firms offer an important service to customers in certain circumstances, but added that the big influx of new settlement firms, many of which are being run by former mortgage industry workers are getting the industry a bad name.

“Hundreds of companies are flooding into this and frankly some of them don’t know what they are doing. There’s been explosive growth, and unfortunately you get some good players and some bad players”.

TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) is actively supporting regulation in 24 states, in an attempt to reign in abusive companies, and it’s also self-policing its 200+ members and investigating complaints against other settlement firms lodged via the association’s web site, TASCsite.org.

Housser also said that credit counseling isn’t a viable alternative for many indebted consumers.

“For example, consumers who enroll in credit counseling generally still face high monthly payments, because counselors can only negotiate lower interest rates and friendlier loan terms and not principal reductions and many debtors can’t afford those payments”.

He then offered an advantage that debt settlement sometimes has over credit counseling.

“Some people fit in sweet spot of debt settlement, where they can’t afford credit counseling programs but still have some income. We give them a program to work out their debt for less than face value and typical monthly payments for debt settlement are 1 to 1.5% of total debt, vs. 2 to 3% for debt counseling. Total settlement fees typically average about15% of debt, meaning a consumer with $10,000 in debt would pay $1,500 to a debt settlement company for help”.

He justified the seemingly fees, saying that “debt negotiation is a very labor intensive business and legitimate companies clearly list their fees up front, and don’t pile on extraneous charges”.

The Best Advice
If you’ve tried different debt reduction techniques and none have worked for you, and you’re getting deeper into debt every month and have to do something, then be careful not to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Regardless of whether you decide to go to a credit counseling agency, or a company that offers debt settlement and/or debt consolidation, only choose a company that is BBB (Better Business Bureau) affiliated, and don’t sign anything that you don’t fully understand, even if it means having a lawyer explain the finer details to you.

Importance of Using Water As Fuel in the Present Scenario

Hundreds of Dollars can be saved per month by utilizing Water as fuel. It is the missing link in saving energy and gallons of gasoline each month. People are wondering if water is really a fuel replacement for the future. In fact, it is the technology of the present times because it can be used even today and the water fuel system is present everywhere.

This is truly not a dream or forecast but a reality that is already being appreciated and found to be a money saver by many car owners. People are now using mix and match approach of using water as well as gas to run cars.

Such hybrid cars are based on a simple technology. This involves efficiently boosting the combustion of gas and thus providing a top-notch beneficial system to both the car owner as far as finances are concerned and the environment by reducing harmful emissions. Some of the home made energy guiding websites like the one given at the bottom gives you more detailed information on these technologies, however basic benefits are given below.

Here are the benefits of using a car that runs on water:

1. It is a safe and affordable method to convert your car to running on water as well as gas.

2. Different cars and roads may have their own individual conditions but on an average a water fuel car has a chance of increasing your gas mpg by up to 35%. Be it a drive on the highway or a city, the mileage always improves. This is surely going to enhance your yearly savings and the money can be utilized elsewhere.

3. The use of Water Fuel mechanism gives you instant savings. Unlike other systems that gives you savings over a period of time. This is indeed a very easy method of saving money which is a real boon in times of recession. Each month the money you save on gas goes into your family income.

4. This mechanism helps to eliminate further carbon deposits thus increasing the life of your car. Water fuel also prevents any future carbon build up.